Bitan Photo, operated by David J. Toman, an American resident of Taiwan for over two decades, is based in lovely Bitan 碧潭, a scenic spot along the Xindian River on the southern rim of the Taipei Basin.

Dynamic Style: Still photos, well rendered, can convey exceptional dynamism of movement, fleeting beauty, and emotion. It is this quality of photography that most fascinates me and that I strive to bring out in my images. A lifetime of drawing and painting, and competing at a high level in baseball, ice hockey, long distance running, and triathlon gives me particularly keen insight and appreciation for the beauty of sport, the color and atmosphere of competition, and the mindset of athletes both during and outside of competition. This dynamic approach to fluid developments also translates particularly well to capturing the emotion and poetry of milestone events like bridal sessions, weddings, and family celebrations.

Pretty pictures mean nothing without a connection to the viewer; otherwise, we would never need to look at anything other than wallpaper. With this in mind, I seek to find a narrative thread in each event, the story and the emotions that come before an observant photographer.

I will use any photographic tool available to me. Favorites include medium format (120) film cameras like my Rolleiflex twin lens reflex and Mamiya 645 Pro TL, a wide assortment of Nikon 135 film bodies, professional Nikon digital bodies and lenses, Polaroid Land and SX-70 instant film cameras, and even "plastic fantastic" toy film cameras. I shoot digital for sports, mostly film for personal work, and mix film and digital for portraits.

Services are available for sporting events, portrait sessions, engagements, and weddings. Contact me at bitanphoto(at)gmail(dot)com to begin discussing your needs and receive a quotation.

碧潭動態攝影,如其名,是旅居台灣20餘年的美籍攝影師,涂景文 (D.J. Toman) 於新店碧潭區成立的專業攝影工作室。我們提供運動競賽動態攝影,風格人像寫真,客制化婚紗寫真,以及婚禮全程紀錄等專業攝影服務。